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Keeping All of Your Equines Healthy

At Oak Valley Animal Health we love taking care of equines as well as pets and ruminants.

A horse getting an injection

Horses should have regular wellness care, including a yearly exam and regular vaccines to keep them happy and healthy, just like your family pet or other animal. We seem to be seeing more frequent metabolic diseases in equines, so bringing them in for regular check-ups is very important so we can catch those things early.

Wellness Care

The annual exam is an important part of wellness care for your equine. We will assess your equine's general health and overall condition. As part of that annual exam, we’ll also make sure your animal is on track with vaccinations, deworming, and dental care.

Equine Dental Care

One of the most important things with equines is having regular dental check-ups. Did you know that horses chew side to side and that unlike humans, their teeth continue to grow throughout their life? This means that with equines, regular dental care is very important. Proper and regular dental care can keep good chewing surfaces and can also prevent and manage pain. Because of the unique dentistry needs of equine, it is important to do regular tooth-shaping maintenance. Fortunately, we have a new horse dentistry tool (a horse float) that works for horses, as well as miniature ponies and donkeys!

We are happy to see your equines at our Red Oak facility or we can come to you at your home or farm. We have equipment that allows us to see our large animal friends.

If it is time to have us take a look at your horse, donkey, miniature horse, or other equine, please call us or fill out an appointment request form.